The Advantages Of Solitaire Diamond Rings – Getting the best jewelry is certainly not easy to do, especially for those who are just getting to know or just want to buy jewelry. Especially for types of jewelry such as diamond rings, this type of ring has a lot of fans and no one can resist the beauty it has. One of these diamond jewelry is the solitaire diamond ring which is famous for its beautiful and antique cut or design on the diamond stone.

This type of solitaire women’s diamond ring has many fans, not only from ordinary people but also many Hollywood artists who are caught using solitaire diamond ring jewelry to support their appearance and increase their confidence. Those of you who are also interested in this diamond ring jewelry must be more selective in choosing it, lest what is chosen turns out to be of low quality and even fake.

solitaire women's diamond

Actually, in large and trusted diamond jewelry stores, they have their own test equipment that can be used to find out how the quality of a diamond is. However, for those of you who want to know firsthand the quality of a piece of jewelry such as a solitaire diamond ring, then using the 4C method can be an easy choice. The choice of the 4 C method can be done as follows.

  • See from the diamond cut (cut). Diamond cut can be the first assessment to know how the quality. According to the Gemological Institute of America, the best-cut standard for diamonds is excellent, followed by very good, fair, and poor. For a high-quality solitaire diamond ring, make sure the diamond grade is excellent or at least good.
  • What about the displayed color (color). According to the GIA, the color size of diamonds is divided into D-F which is white, G-J diamonds that have almost no color, K-M diamonds with a yellowish color, N-R with very light yellow colors, and S-Z with bright yellow colors. For solitaire diamonds, the best and high quality when viewed from the color, which has a clear color so that the clearer it usually has a higher price.
  • The clarity of the diamond (clarity). Apart from the cut and color clarity can also be a concern. In terms of clarity, diamonds are divided into several levels, namely Flawless, internally flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and Vs2. Diamonds with a level of clarity from flawless to flawless internal are diamonds of the best quality because they do not have the slightest defect in them. This type of diamond is a very rare and valuable diamond.
  • Weight on diamond (carat). What is meant by carat here is a measure of the weight of a solitaire diamond. The weight of a diamond does not depend on the volume of the diamond because a large diamond does not necessarily have a heavy mass.

After knowing the things above, before buying a solitaire diamond ring, it is better that it has passed the GIA standard. This can be proven by the certificate owned by the solitaire diamond ring. To get the best quality from Solitaire’s own diamond ring, it is now easier to get it by visiting Mondial. At Mondial, there is a choice of solitaire diamond rings with guaranteed quality. This is because the various diamond stones used for various jewelry such as rings are all the best diamonds with various beautiful models and designs. For those of you who are still confused about finding the best, just visit Mondial in your area.