Combining Real Diamond Bracelets to Look Stylish – The trend of combining jewelry is still favored by women today. Not only necklaces and rings, you can also combine real diamond bracelets. But of course, there are some important things that you must do so that the layering done on the diamond bracelet does not seem excessive. With the right layering, you can even look beautiful and stylish on various occasions. The following are tips and tricks that can be done when layering bracelets:

Choose the Right Bracelet Model

The main key when combining diamond bracelets is choosing the right model. You need to know that not all diamond bracelet models will be good when combined. Try not to use a bracelet that is too thick and too much more than one. If you want to combine a thick bracelet, the other bracelet should be thin and minimalistic. If you are using a thin bracelet, you can use several bracelets, not just two.

Pay Attention to the Center Point

When doing layering, then you have to find a center point or focal point. The center point of this bracelet is that it stands out more than the rest of the stacked bracelets. Bracelets that are used as points have different thicknesses and colors. In addition, the diamond touch of the bracelet as the center point should also stand out more. You can use a real diamond bracelet as a center point. While other bracelets can use bracelets without diamonds or chain bracelets only.

Adjust to Skin Color

In addition to the bracelet model, you also need to pay attention to the selection of the bracelet color tone. Try to choose the color of the bracelet according to your skin tone to make it look more beautiful. In addition, choosing the right color can also highlight the bracelet which is the focal point or center point. You can combine several color tones of the bracelet for a more unique result.

The color tone of the bracelet is derived from the material used in the bracelet. For example, platinum and white gold produce a white tone, while yellow gold produces a yellow color. The combination of the two is still good to try.

Do not exaggerate

The most important point when combining diamond bracelets is not to overdo it. You need to know how many bracelets you can stack on your wrist. Too many bracelets make you look too much and seem to show off.

Not even give a good impression to those who see it but instead seems less good. Two to three bracelets with certain models are enough for layering. A minimalist look can make you look more elegant. With this view, you can do layering on various occasions, including during activities at the office.

Consider Convenience

The last tip is to consider comfort. It’s useless if the bracelet looks good, but is in fact uncomfortable when used. Confidence will also be reduced because you feel uncomfortable. Usually, these stacked bracelets are used at certain moments such as parties, important meetings, and so on. Because using a lot of bracelets for daily activities feels less comfortable. For daily activities, you only need to use one bracelet.

These are tips for combining real diamond bracelets that you can follow. Now it’s time to choose the right bracelet model at savannahstreasures. Our brand offers many models that are suitable for layering diamond bracelets. Do not worry about the quality and authenticity of the diamond because it is guaranteed. You can view the collection online or offline.