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Black Jade Jewelry That Has a Thousand Benefits for Health

Black Jade Has a Thousand Benefits for Health – This black jade is a legendary stone that has been proven and reliable in providing various types of properties for the body. In gemology, Black Jade is named as black nephrite jade. However, you need to know that some of these black jade sometimes don’t have names that match their original descriptions, including Jade Sumatra or Ace Jade, Chinese Jade Garut and Jade whose names are legendary.

Black jade stone is one type of jade that is not used a little for jewelry like stone rings, agate, pendants, and bracelets. Similar to other types of jade, black jade also serves to correct emotional instability. Therefore, jade is also called a health stone.

Among the benefits of black jade is that it can provide a cooling effect and provide a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Also, this stone can increase the body’s resistance to the extent that it can ward off disease. It can even be used as a talisman. Share more clearly what are the contents, uses, and features of this black jade stone for the wearer, see further below.

Privileges of Black Jade Stone From Other Types of Jade

This stone has a mineral formula that is in the pyroxene group. As found in different jade and black opal, this jade also has silica minerals. So it is not surprising if this black jade has benefits for the body.

Next, to the womb, this stone has a good hardness that is much denser and denser. Although hard and dense, if light and the light will penetrate the flashlight is older if compared with green jade and black oval.

The characteristics of the original black jade stone

If you want to buy this black jade, you must understand the characteristics that separate from the fake ones, namely:

  • If it’s overlooked, the black is solid and jet-black.
  • The native black jade stone colors do not change both indoors and outdoors.
  • The sparkle lasts long if the fake one will quickly fade.
  • Hold resistant and can scratch the glass surface.
  • Break the light when flashed.
  • The price is more expensive than fake or synthetic

The price of black jade stone in the market is cheaper compared to green jade or green jade, starting from the price of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the size of the stone and the quality. With the greater size and good quality, the price will be more expensive.

Indeed, the price is relative, because each region has its price. In Aceh for example, it can be cheaper to buy there compared to what we buy in Jakarta. This is because the area of Aceh is a place of jade. So even with Jakarta with other regions, there will certainly be differences in the price.

Benefits and Benefits of Black Jade Stone or Black Jade

As I mentioned above, this black jade has many benefits for the wearer. Among these uses, black jade stone can help increase body health. What are the uses of black jade for health?

Here are four uses for black jade for your health

  • Explaining Blood Circulation – Black jade can emit very pure negative ions that can normalize the heart rhythm. Not only that, the negative ion can stabilize the blood pressure which is useful for those of you who have hypertension. Black jade can also prevent blood clots from preventing heart disease, stroke, and triglyceride problems.
  • Avoid of Free Radicals – Black jade can help prevent free radicals that commonly attack the body. Therefore, this black jade can ward off vertigo-like diseases to cancer. This stone is also reliable by not a few people can prevent premature aging in the wearer.
  • Improving happiness – Not only prevent and cure disease, but it also turns out the efficacy of black jade stones can increase the wearer’s endorphins. So that happiness also increases, and stress also becomes avoided. Do you want to be happy sometimes ? you can try using this black jade stone.
  • Keep fertility – Black Jade is usually good for increasing immunity, but basically can increase our energy and increase the productivity and vitality of men. Also, it can help activate good cells in the body.

It’s spectacular indeed to use this black jade stone, but now perhaps asking, how do I find this native black jade and full of benefits?

Is It True That a Magnetic Bracelet Has a Health Function?

Magnetic Bracelet Has Health Function – Magnetic bracelet for health. Have you ever heard? The topic (or perhaps more precisely called the trend) has long been circulating in the community. But because I just heard again from one of my colleagues who happened to be his parents using this kind of accessory, I became to want to know with this thing.

Not only in the form of a bracelet, but an accessory that is considered to have not a few health functions can also be a necklace, ring to a watch. Because of this claim, it’s no wonder the price includes expensive starting from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Wow!

These accessories are generally created from titanium, ceramic, alloy (mixed metal and non-metal) or stainless steel materials that are magnetized. And the following magnets are claimed to provide many health benefits ranging from improving blood circulation, balancing the body’s metabolism, regulating the equilibrium of ions in the body, regulating body temperature, inhibiting aging, and reducing pain in the muscles, waist, shoulders, and head. Great right?

Among the websites that market this product it is even written that such products can wake up Chi energy in the body so that it can correct metabolism and increase endurance to cure many diseases. And as a cover so that people are interested in buying, apart from its main benefits for health, this product can also be a supporter of the wearer’s appearance to the point that it looks more stylish and stylish. “Want to be healthy while stylish? Use this magnetic bracelet!” That’s about the tagline.

Honestly, I cannot fully understand the relationship between magnetism and all the claims of efficacy that have been pronounced above. But I am sure the effect of placebo, aka suggestion, maybe a little less important here. Maybe magnetism influences the body, but if it has a direct effect on such a body, it doesn’t seem logical enough.

Even so, there have been not a few research journals that discuss the health benefits of these magnetic accessories. Is it true that these magnets have an influence on health and can even reduce to cure disease? But from all the journals that I read, there is no powerful scientific evidence to support these claims. And of course, these kinds of objects cannot be used as a substitute for conventional therapy in treating diseases.

Come to think of it, if these things are considered capable of caring for the health, reducing to cure diseases, they should have legalized for example Circular Permit Numbers (NIE). And to get NIE, it must first be through Pre-Market Control including safety, weight and efficacy studies. However, because this kind of object does not have scientific evidence related to these three urgent matters, this object cannot be categorized as a medical device (medicine) after all, medicine.

Based on information from Permenkes number 917 of 1993, drugs (finished) are alloys that are ready to be used to provoke or investigate physiologically or pathologically in the context of establishing the diagnosis, prevention, healing, recovery, health additions, and contraception.

Meanwhile, according to information from Minister of Health Regulation number 1190 of 2010 concerning Circular Permit for Medical Devices and Household Health Supplies, the definition of medical instruments is instruments, apparatus, machines and / or implants that do not contain drugs used to prevent, diagnose, cure and alleviate diseases, nurture people sickness, melting health in humans, and / or structuring and improving body benefits. And the Ministry of Health classifies this magnetized accessory into a group of non-medical devices.

Thus, because these magnetic accessories are not classified into the two groups, the legality and circulation are not specifically arranged. Therefore, all claims regarding health as the properties of this product cannot be considered valid.

However, the name for health care is not instant. Health requires effort and must be maintained continuously by consuming food and drinks with balanced nutrition, organized exercise and adequate sleep. It seems a shame if you have to issue money not a little for something that is considered beneficial for health, but even security, weight and benefits have not been scientifically proven.

Wear a Baby Necklace from Amber Stone Now a Trend Among Mothers

Wear a Baby Necklace from Amber Stone – There are not a few ways that mothers carry out to guard their baby’s health. One of the trends is to wear their children amber necklaces.

Wearing this amber necklace has been carried out by mothers in the western world since 2010. Mothers wear their children amber necklaces because they are believed to have health benefits.

The necklace is often worn on babies who are or are about to grow teeth. By using this necklace, it is believed that the pain or discomfort felt by the baby will decrease. How can?

This is because the stone created into the necklace isaltic amber derived from the sap of a pine tree that has become fossilized. This amber contains high succinic acid. The lighter and lighter the sap, the higher the focus of the substance. This succinic acid is often found in plants and animals. That succinic acid can help wear amber necklaces become healthier.

When used, amber granules will come into contact with the skin. When touching this, the wearer’s body heat creates an amber baltic gouging oil containing succinic acid, which is then absorbed by the body. When the body has absorbed it, it is beneficial as if ibuprofen or a pain reliever, just naturally. Scientifically, succinic acid is indeed often used in the healing world as an anti-inflammatory to reduce fever.

The benefits of the amber necklace described above create mothers who now wear a few of these accessories on their children. And this necklace is not only used by girls but also men.

The use of amber necklaces for children is increasingly being done by mothers in Indonesia, especially Instagram users after Indonesian celebrity children wear them. Many celebrities who wear their children amber necklaces include Tya Ariestya, Chelsea Olivia
Gisella Anastasia and Jessica Iskandar.

Even the amber necklace vendors on Instagram also use the hashtag by mentioning the names of Gisella and Gading Marten children, Gempita, in promoting their products with the hashtag #kalunggempi while all mothers in Indonesia who use Instagram are busy giving testimonials on the efficacy of this amber necklace with the hashtag #kalungamber #amberstone #ambernecklace.

Are you also among those who have sought the efficacy of amber necklaces on beloved hearts? You can search and buy it at the online shop on Instagram or you can also visit the official website. There are various types of models that they provide and you can choose which one is suitable for your little one.

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