4 Benefits of Real Diamond Pendants

4 Benefits of Real Diamond Pendants

4 Benefits of Real Diamond Pendants – Who is not interested in the beauty of diamond jewelry? Yup, all women will be happy and proud if they have this luxury and rare jewelry collection. Diamonds have been used as jewelry for hundreds of years because of their beautiful luster. Real diamond pendants were also widely used by ancient royal families or nobles. Currently, diamond jewelry can be used by anyone who can afford it.

A series of benefits of having a real diamond pendant

When buying diamond jewelry, first make sure the diamond is genuine. Do not be tempted by cheap prices,but instead get a rhinestone. Well, below are some of the benefits that you will get by having a collection of real diamonds.

Prestigious Jewelry

The most obvious benefit is as prestigious jewelry because diamond is a step precious stone. Another factor that makes it a prestigious jewelry is because of its high price. Thus, only certain people can have it.

You, the younger generation who want to look cool and elegant with real diamond jewelry, can choose The Palace pendant collection. The picture above is a Lovela pendant with a real diamond in the center of the letter O. The pendant above is very affordable because you can get it.

Future Investment

Owning diamond jewelry is not just to fulfill your style needs, because this jewelry also has a promising investment value. The price of diamonds will continue

Skyrocketed from time to time because this precious stone is very difficult to obtain. In addition, the total number of diamonds in the world is still very limited so it cannot meet market demand. So, don’t hesitate to collect this beautiful and luxurious jewelry? Those of you who want to always look stylish and elegant but in a more relaxed dress, can use the solitaire diamond pendant above. The picture above is one of Bermoela’s collections from The Palace. The pendant with beautiful diamond eyes is priced at 3 million. This price is certainly affordable with the quality offered.

Lucky Drawer

Some community groups believe that diamonds can bring good luck to their owners. Another benefit of diamonds that may sound unnatural is that they can drive away negative auras or things. Well, if you also believe in the benefits of diamonds that can bring luck and refuse, then immediately have another collection of genuine diamond jewelry from The Palace.

You can choose the pendant above as a beautiful lucky item. The design is very beautiful, unique and also elegant. At first glance it looks like a ladder because the three diamond eyes are arranged vertically and there are breaks in each diamond. The three diamonds are flanked by white gold with a plain and bold design. You can use this pendant for casual or formal events though. The funds you need to prepare to have a beautiful pendant.

Social status

Generally, people will value other people more based on their social status. The higher a person’s social status, the more respect and respect that person will be. Well, it seems that diamonds are also often used to signify a person’s social status. This jewelry is more commonly used by the elite than the lower middle class.

This Lasih sari pendant from The Palace will be able to highlight your social status because of its luxurious, glamorous and elegant design. This pendant uses a cluster design so it looks diamond-studded.

Black Jade Jewelry That Has a Thousand Benefits for Health

Black Jade Has a Thousand Benefits for Health – This black jade is a legendary stone that has been proven and reliable in providing various types of properties for the body. In gemology, Black Jade is named as black nephrite jade. However, you need to know that some of these black jade sometimes don’t have names that match their original descriptions, including Jade Sumatra or Ace Jade, Chinese Jade Garut and Jade whose names are legendary.

Black jade stone is one type of jade that is not used a little for jewelry like stone rings, agate, pendants, and bracelets. Similar to other types of jade, black jade also serves to correct emotional instability. Therefore, jade is also called a health stone.

Among the benefits of black jade is that it can provide a cooling effect and provide a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Also, this stone can increase the body’s resistance to the extent that it can ward off disease. It can even be used as a talisman. Share more clearly what are the contents, uses, and features of this black jade stone for the wearer, see further below.

Privileges of Black Jade Stone From Other Types of Jade

This stone has a mineral formula that is in the pyroxene group. As found in different jade and black opal, this jade also has silica minerals. So it is not surprising if this black jade has benefits for the body.

Next, to the womb, this stone has a good hardness that is much denser and denser. Although hard and dense, if light and the light will penetrate the flashlight is older if compared with green jade and black oval.

The characteristics of the original black jade stone

If you want to buy this black jade, you must understand the characteristics that separate from the fake ones, namely:

  • If it’s overlooked, the black is solid and jet-black.
  • The native black jade stone colors do not change both indoors and outdoors.
  • The sparkle lasts long if the fake one will quickly fade.
  • Hold resistant and can scratch the glass surface.
  • Break the light when flashed.
  • The price is more expensive than fake or synthetic

The price of black jade stone in the market is cheaper compared to green jade or green jade, starting from the price of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the size of the stone and the quality. With the greater size and good quality, the price will be more expensive.

Indeed, the price is relative, because each region has its price. In Aceh for example, it can be cheaper to buy there compared to what we buy in Jakarta. This is because the area of Aceh is a place of jade. So even with Jakarta with other regions, there will certainly be differences in the price.

Benefits and Benefits of Black Jade Stone or Black Jade

As I mentioned above, this black jade has many benefits for the wearer. Among these uses, black jade stone can help increase body health. What are the uses of black jade for health?

Here are four uses for black jade for your health

  • Explaining Blood Circulation – Black jade can emit very pure negative ions that can normalize the heart rhythm. Not only that, the negative ion can stabilize the blood pressure which is useful for those of you who have hypertension. Black jade can also prevent blood clots from preventing heart disease, stroke, and triglyceride problems.
  • Avoid of Free Radicals – Black jade can help prevent free radicals that commonly attack the body. Therefore, this black jade can ward off vertigo-like diseases to cancer. This stone is also reliable by not a few people can prevent premature aging in the wearer.
  • Improving happiness – Not only prevent and cure disease, but it also turns out the efficacy of black jade stones can increase the wearer’s endorphins. So that happiness also increases, and stress also becomes avoided. Do you want to be happy sometimes ? you can try using this black jade stone.
  • Keep fertility – Black Jade is usually good for increasing immunity, but basically can increase our energy and increase the productivity and vitality of men. Also, it can help activate good cells in the body.

It’s spectacular indeed to use this black jade stone, but now perhaps asking, how do I find this native black jade and full of benefits?
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