Magnetic Bracelet Has Health Function – Magnetic bracelet for health. Have you ever heard? The topic (or perhaps more precisely called the trend) has long been circulating in the community. But because I just heard again from one of my colleagues who happened to be his parents using this kind of accessory, I became to want to know with this thing.

Not only in the form of a bracelet, but an accessory that is considered to have not a few health functions can also be a necklace, ring to a watch. Because of this claim, it’s no wonder the price includes expensive starting from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Wow!

These accessories are generally created from titanium, ceramic, alloy (mixed metal and non-metal) or stainless steel materials that are magnetized. And the following magnets are claimed to provide many health benefits ranging from improving blood circulation, balancing the body’s metabolism, regulating the equilibrium of ions in the body, regulating body temperature, inhibiting aging, and reducing pain in the muscles, waist, shoulders, and head. Great right?

Among the websites that market this product it is even written that such products can wake up Chi energy in the body so that it can correct metabolism and increase endurance to cure many diseases. And as a cover so that people are interested in buying, apart from its main benefits for health, this product can also be a supporter of the wearer’s appearance to the point that it looks more stylish and stylish. “Want to be healthy while stylish? Use this magnetic bracelet!” That’s about the tagline.

Honestly, I cannot fully understand the relationship between magnetism and all the claims of efficacy that have been pronounced above. But I am sure the effect of placebo, aka suggestion, maybe a little less important here. Maybe magnetism influences the body, but if it has a direct effect on such a body, it doesn’t seem logical enough.

Even so, there have been not a few research journals that discuss the health benefits of these magnetic accessories. Is it true that these magnets have an influence on health and can even reduce to cure disease? But from all the journals that I read, there is no powerful scientific evidence to support these claims. And of course, these kinds of objects cannot be used as a substitute for conventional therapy in treating diseases.

Come to think of it, if these things are considered capable of caring for the health, reducing to cure diseases, they should have legalized for example Circular Permit Numbers (NIE). And to get NIE, it must first be through Pre-Market Control including safety, weight and efficacy studies. However, because this kind of object does not have scientific evidence related to these three urgent matters, this object cannot be categorized as a medical device (medicine) after all, medicine.

Based on information from Permenkes number 917 of 1993, drugs (finished) are alloys that are ready to be used to provoke or investigate physiologically or pathologically in the context of establishing the diagnosis, prevention, healing, recovery, health additions, and contraception.

Meanwhile, according to information from Minister of Health Regulation number 1190 of 2010 concerning Circular Permit for Medical Devices and Household Health Supplies, the definition of medical instruments is instruments, apparatus, machines and / or implants that do not contain drugs used to prevent, diagnose, cure and alleviate diseases, nurture people sickness, melting health in humans, and / or structuring and improving body benefits. And the Ministry of Health classifies this magnetized accessory into a group of non-medical devices.

Thus, because these magnetic accessories are not classified into the two groups, the legality and circulation are not specifically arranged. Therefore, all claims regarding health as the properties of this product cannot be considered valid.

However, the name for health care is not instant. Health requires effort and must be maintained continuously by consuming food and drinks with balanced nutrition, organized exercise and adequate sleep. It seems a shame if you have to issue money not a little for something that is considered beneficial for health, but even security, weight and benefits have not been scientifically proven.