Amber Necklace to Overcome Pain in Teething Babies – The popularity of rock accessories that reportedly can overcome the disease turned out to still have many opposing opinions. One type of rock that is currently trending is amber. In addition to the beauty of the yellow color, reliable amber stones provide health benefits. Especially for babies.

Amber necklace is believed to relieve pain when the baby is developing teeth. Teeth can indeed provide discomfort for the baby, like swelling in the gums, fever, artificial excess saliva, until trouble sleeping. Any parent certainly doesn’t want to see the baby continue to feel sick. The amber stone is used as a natural solution that is easy to do, which is only by attaching it to the baby’s neck in a necklace format.

This was also done by Jessica Iskandar to her son, El Barack, to minimize pain when growing teeth. He claimed that the pain felt subsided, even disappearing altogether.

However, is there a description of the science behind the use? While the affair was relied on by all parents, experienced medical experts gave conflicting opinions about the stone. The producers of amber necklaces still believe in the use behind the stones that are usually golden brown in yellow. Plus, many parents enjoy the benefits.

“There is a science behind these elements. A study has proven that it can help someone sleep better. But it is not yet known how these elements can be transferred into the body,” said Andrew Murray, owner of Bambeado, a company that produces unique toys. For babies who are teething, belonging to the amber necklace.

Sharon McKeown, as the owner of Baa Baa Beads, stated that she wanted to propose various options so that they could be cultivated and without using synthetic drugs or gels. He warned not to wear the necklace to babies who are resting or without adequate supervision.

“Baltic Amber is reported to have mystical or magical powers when used. Although no scientific evidence can support that recognition, not a few people have submitted a positive response,” Sharon said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand.

Both companies use Baltic Amber amber stones. The possessed succinic acid can relieve aches or pains and minimize swelling in the gums. Reported by the Bambeado website, the specialty of Baltic amber which distinguishes it from other types of amber is its succinic acid content of 3 – 8 percent. Baltic amber will gouge succinic acid when warmed to the baby’s body temperature and then absorbed by the body through the bloodstream.

What about the opinions of experienced medical professionals? Pediatric dentist specialist, Dr. Nina Vasan, does not agree with the claims set by all amber necklace manufacturers. He questioned how the technique of succinic acid contained in the body absorbs a reasonable level of effectiveness.

“Some amber stones do have succinic acid (which also exists in the body naturally), but it takes a temperature of 187 degrees to be effective,” concluded Dr. Nina.

Statement from Dr. Nina is also supported by the fact that the baby’s body temperature is usually no more than 37 degrees. In addition to scientific evidence that is not convincing enough, the risk of wearing a necklace to a baby can also be found.

Reported by the Daily Telegraph, a baby was almost suffocated because he was asleep wearing the necklace. Ashleigh Ferguson, the mother of the baby, admitted that not a few parents put on the necklace for a full day, both about activities and sleep. Besides the risk of suffocation, there is still a risk of being swallowed if the necklace is broken and scattered.

“I will consider the risks and uses of the necklace. There is no reliable scientific evidence that the use will be held, while there is already evidence that the necklace is at risk of choking, even death,” said Dr. Nina.

If you are one of the parents who insist on attaching amber necklaces to the baby, warnings on fixed products should not be ignored. As much as possible monitor your baby when using the necklace and avoid wearing it when they fall asleep.

Check home the purchased necklace product whether it’s original or imitation and whether each grain has a sharp format that can hurt the child’s skin.