Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds – Real diamonds are not only beautiful but also have high selling points. Even so, the beautiful sparkle can still captivate women, so that this gemstone remains a popular choice for jewelry.

If you want to buy a diamond, make sure you examine the stone that you will buy carefully. Because, currently there are just irresponsible persons who sell fake diamonds, but say that the stone is genuine.

Well, so you are not fooled, you must know the difference between real and fake diamonds. So, let’s first identify the following 10 characteristics of genuine diamonds.

Diamonds Can’t be Hot

As explained above, diamonds can spread heat quickly. That is why the original diamond will not feel hot or warm when heated.

 Genuine Diamonds Don’t Float in Water

To outwit the buyer, sometimes the diamond seller combines real diamonds with fake diamonds at the bottom. To test the authenticity of a diamond, you can test it using water.

Prepare one glass of water, then fill ¾ of the parts with water. Then, insert the diamond stone into the glass. Diamond stones have a high density, so these stones will sink when put in water.

If the diamond is floating, then the diamond is fake or has been put together with fake diamonds.

The Original Diamond Stone Has a Certificate

In addition to the above features, generally genuine diamonds (mostly those above 0.3 carats) are equipped with diamond certificates.

Some examples of well-known institutions that issue diamond certificates include American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute, European Gemological Laboratory and Hoge Raad Voor Diamant.

Genuine Diamonds Are Not Destroyed When Heated

The diamond stone is made of strong material. That is why diamond stones will not react to heat and temperature changes.

To test the diamond that you bought, you can try heating it for about 40 seconds. After that, dip the stone in cold water. If the diamond is cracked, it is possible that the stone is not a diamond.

Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds You Must Know

Diamonds Are Not Easy To Crack

Diamonds are the hardest stones on earth. The level of violence reached 10 Mohs scales. Due to its high durability, diamonds will not be easily damaged or split, making them suitable for everyday use.

Well, if the diamond you buy is split or cracked when it gets a mild collision, you can be sure the diamond you are buying is not a real diamond.

Genuine Diamonds are not Easily Scratched

Because diamonds are the hardest objects on earth, they can scratch any object. The way to prove the authenticity of a diamond is to scratch it on the glass. If the glass is scratched and your diamond is not scratched, then the diamond is genuine.

If it turns out your diamond is damaged or scratched after being scratched into a glass, then the diamond is most likely fake.

Red Diamonds are Very Rare and Expensive

Although colorless diamonds are the most common type, we encounter today. However, diamonds come in a variety of other colors, such as black, yellow, pink, blue, to red.

Among all colors, red diamonds are the rarest diamond colors. Because of its rarity, the red diamond also has a very high price, and it can even reach thousands of US dollars per carat.

So, if you meet a diamond seller who sells red diamonds at cheap prices, you must be vigilant because there is a possibility the diamond is fake.

Diamonds Can Reflect Light

Real diamond stones can reflect light on each side. This is what makes diamonds look so shiny when viewed from any side—differences with fake diamonds that usually only look sparkling at the top.

Also, genuine diamonds can only provide light reflection in shades of gray. If the diamond that you buy is able to reflect light in various colors, then the diamond that you have is likely to be fake.

The Original Diamond Mirror Is Not Clear

During this time, many may think that someone can see other objects through the diamond. But in fact, real diamonds don’t have clear reflections. The nature of this one diamond can be an indicator to determine the authenticity of a diamond.

For example, you can put a flat diamond on top of the writing. Don’t forget to make sure that the light around you is bright enough. If you can read the words from behind the diamond clearly or a little blurry, you can surely be sure the diamond is fake.

This is because the sides of real diamonds usually do not refract light in a straight line but the other direction. That is why you will not be able to read the writing from behind real diamonds, unlike the case with fake diamonds generally made of glass. The writing will be read clearly because the glass refracts the light in a straight line.

You need to know, and this method will be more effective when tested on removable diamond stones that have not been installed on jewelry.

Diamonds Can’t be Foggy

The fog test is an easy way to test the authenticity of a diamond, especially if the stone is already attached to the jewelry.

The way you have to do is exhale into diamond stones. And if the fog on the diamond disappears quickly, then it is a real diamond. Whereas if the mist lasts briefly on a diamond, the diamond must be fake.

This is because diamonds have the property to conduct heat so that they can spread heat from your breath quickly.