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Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds

10 Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds You Must Know

Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds – Real diamonds are not only beautiful but also have high selling points. Even so, the beautiful sparkle can still captivate women, so that this gemstone remains a popular choice for jewelry.

If you want to buy a diamond, make sure you examine the stone that you will buy carefully. Because, currently there are just irresponsible persons who sell fake diamonds, but say that the stone is genuine.

Well, so you are not fooled, you must know the difference between real and fake diamonds. So, let’s first identify the following 10 characteristics of genuine diamonds.

Diamonds Can’t be Hot

As explained above, diamonds can spread heat quickly. That is why the original diamond will not feel hot or warm when heated.

 Genuine Diamonds Don’t Float in Water

To outwit the buyer, sometimes the diamond seller combines real diamonds with fake diamonds at the bottom. To test the authenticity of a diamond, you can test it using water.

Prepare one glass of water, then fill ¾ of the parts with water. Then, insert the diamond stone into the glass. Diamond stones have a high density, so these stones will sink when put in water.

If the diamond is floating, then the diamond is fake or has been put together with fake diamonds.

The Original Diamond Stone Has a Certificate

In addition to the above features, generally genuine diamonds (mostly those above 0.3 carats) are equipped with diamond certificates.

Some examples of well-known institutions that issue diamond certificates include American Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute, European Gemological Laboratory and Hoge Raad Voor Diamant.

Genuine Diamonds Are Not Destroyed When Heated

The diamond stone is made of strong material. That is why diamond stones will not react to heat and temperature changes.

To test the diamond that you bought, you can try heating it for about 40 seconds. After that, dip the stone in cold water. If the diamond is cracked, it is possible that the stone is not a diamond.

Characteristics of Genuine Diamonds You Must Know

Diamonds Are Not Easy To Crack

Diamonds are the hardest stones on earth. The level of violence reached 10 Mohs scales. Due to its high durability, diamonds will not be easily damaged or split, making them suitable for everyday use.

Well, if the diamond you buy is split or cracked when it gets a mild collision, you can be sure the diamond you are buying is not a real diamond.

Genuine Diamonds are not Easily Scratched

Because diamonds are the hardest objects on earth, they can scratch any object. The way to prove the authenticity of a diamond is to scratch it on the glass. If the glass is scratched and your diamond is not scratched, then the diamond is genuine.

If it turns out your diamond is damaged or scratched after being scratched into a glass, then the diamond is most likely fake.

Red Diamonds are Very Rare and Expensive

Although colorless diamonds are the most common type, we encounter today. However, diamonds come in a variety of other colors, such as black, yellow, pink, blue, to red.

Among all colors, red diamonds are the rarest diamond colors. Because of its rarity, the red diamond also has a very high price, and it can even reach thousands of US dollars per carat.

So, if you meet a diamond seller who sells red diamonds at cheap prices, you must be vigilant because there is a possibility the diamond is fake.

Diamonds Can Reflect Light

Real diamond stones can reflect light on each side. This is what makes diamonds look so shiny when viewed from any side—differences with fake diamonds that usually only look sparkling at the top.

Also, genuine diamonds can only provide light reflection in shades of gray. If the diamond that you buy is able to reflect light in various colors, then the diamond that you have is likely to be fake.

The Original Diamond Mirror Is Not Clear

During this time, many may think that someone can see other objects through the diamond. But in fact, real diamonds don’t have clear reflections. The nature of this one diamond can be an indicator to determine the authenticity of a diamond.

For example, you can put a flat diamond on top of the writing. Don’t forget to make sure that the light around you is bright enough. If you can read the words from behind the diamond clearly or a little blurry, you can surely be sure the diamond is fake.

This is because the sides of real diamonds usually do not refract light in a straight line but the other direction. That is why you will not be able to read the writing from behind real diamonds, unlike the case with fake diamonds generally made of glass. The writing will be read clearly because the glass refracts the light in a straight line.

You need to know, and this method will be more effective when tested on removable diamond stones that have not been installed on jewelry.

Diamonds Can’t be Foggy

The fog test is an easy way to test the authenticity of a diamond, especially if the stone is already attached to the jewelry.

The way you have to do is exhale into diamond stones. And if the fog on the diamond disappears quickly, then it is a real diamond. Whereas if the mist lasts briefly on a diamond, the diamond must be fake.

This is because diamonds have the property to conduct heat so that they can spread heat from your breath quickly.

Amber Necklace to Overcome Pain in Teething Babies, Is It Effective?

Amber Necklace to Overcome Pain in Teething Babies – The popularity of rock accessories that reportedly can overcome the disease turned out to still have many opposing opinions. One type of rock that is currently trending is amber. In addition to the beauty of the yellow color, reliable amber stones provide health benefits. Especially for babies.

Amber necklace is believed to relieve pain when the baby is developing teeth. Teeth can indeed provide discomfort for the baby, like swelling in the gums, fever, artificial excess saliva, until trouble sleeping. Any parent certainly doesn’t want to see the baby continue to feel sick. The amber stone is used as a natural solution that is easy to do, which is only by attaching it to the baby’s neck in a necklace format.

This was also done by Jessica Iskandar to her son, El Barack, to minimize pain when growing teeth. He claimed that the pain felt subsided, even disappearing altogether.

However, is there a description of the science behind the use? While the affair was relied on by all parents, experienced medical experts gave conflicting opinions about the stone. The producers of amber necklaces still believe in the use behind the stones that are usually golden brown in yellow. Plus, many parents enjoy the benefits.

“There is a science behind these elements. A study has proven that it can help someone sleep better. But it is not yet known how these elements can be transferred into the body,” said Andrew Murray, owner of Bambeado, a company that produces unique toys. For babies who are teething, belonging to the amber necklace.

Sharon McKeown, as the owner of Baa Baa Beads, stated that she wanted to propose various options so that they could be cultivated and without using synthetic drugs or gels. He warned not to wear the necklace to babies who are resting or without adequate supervision.

“Baltic Amber is reported to have mystical or magical powers when used. Although no scientific evidence can support that recognition, not a few people have submitted a positive response,” Sharon said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand.

Both companies use Baltic Amber amber stones. The possessed succinic acid can relieve aches or pains and minimize swelling in the gums. Reported by the Bambeado website, the specialty of Baltic amber which distinguishes it from other types of amber is its succinic acid content of 3 – 8 percent. Baltic amber will gouge succinic acid when warmed to the baby’s body temperature and then absorbed by the body through the bloodstream.

What about the opinions of experienced medical professionals? Pediatric dentist specialist, Dr. Nina Vasan, does not agree with the claims set by all amber necklace manufacturers. He questioned how the technique of succinic acid contained in the body absorbs a reasonable level of effectiveness.

“Some amber stones do have succinic acid (which also exists in the body naturally), but it takes a temperature of 187 degrees to be effective,” concluded Dr. Nina.

Statement from Dr. Nina is also supported by the fact that the baby’s body temperature is usually no more than 37 degrees. In addition to scientific evidence that is not convincing enough, the risk of wearing a necklace to a baby can also be found.

Reported by the Daily Telegraph, a baby was almost suffocated because he was asleep wearing the necklace. Ashleigh Ferguson, the mother of the baby, admitted that not a few parents put on the necklace for a full day, both about activities and sleep. Besides the risk of suffocation, there is still a risk of being swallowed if the necklace is broken and scattered.

“I will consider the risks and uses of the necklace. There is no reliable scientific evidence that the use will be held, while there is already evidence that the necklace is at risk of choking, even death,” said Dr. Nina.

If you are one of the parents who insist on attaching amber necklaces to the baby, warnings on fixed products should not be ignored. As much as possible monitor your baby when using the necklace and avoid wearing it when they fall asleep.

Check home the purchased necklace product whether it’s original or imitation and whether each grain has a sharp format that can hurt the child’s skin.

5 Easy Ways to Clean Diamond Earrings to Keep it Shiny

Clean Diamond Earrings to Keep it Shiny – Have we ever tried washing diamond earrings? Earrings are jewelry that is attached to the earlobe. The material is created from various kinds of parts ranging from metal, plastic, glass, precious stones, beads, and others.

In ancient times, earrings were not only used by women, but also by men. But at this time, the norms had changed more influentially into western customs, namely earrings are only used by women. The average person, wearing earrings is not only for once but many times. This is because earrings have become an element of lifestyle, like clothes, pants, shoes, watches, and so on.

Although not a few wear everyday diamond guna jewelry, it does not mean that no one buys earrings to use once in a while. For example, if the earrings are made of expensive diamonds, it would be perilous if used for everyday work. This can lead to criminal acts because diamonds are classified into precious jewelry and are not in the least attractive to people.

Diamond earrings have been loved by people lately. In addition to the beautiful sparkling luster, diamonds also begin to vary in shape, as well as the price. However, of the few who have diamond earrings, not a few understand how to wash diamond earrings. Diamond earrings need to be purified to maintain beauty and beauty. Of course, other benefits to guard the priceless value of the diamond too.

Diamond earrings will be easier to dull and dirty if used multiple times. The location of earrings that are quite strategic for the flow of sweat, creating jewelry is easier to dirty. Of course, the earrings absorb less sweat, oil, skin, and hair. This causes the diamond earrings to be easily thirsty, and the diamond also loses luster.

How to clean diamond earrings?

Not a few know that to wash jewelry, classified as diamond earrings, it’s pretty easy. The cleaning materials are also very easy to find even around the house.

These ingredients range from a solution of dishwashing soap, glass cleaning solution, soda water solution, to soap and water. The method of using liquids is also quite easy, but it cannot be cleaned up carelessly.

Before entering into cleaning techniques with home-based ingredients, it’s good to prepare the right equipment. Exchange some of the money to purchase cleaning kits specifically for jewelry.

Cleaning Solution for Diamond Earrings

Although the ingredients pronounced above are soda water, liquid soap, and glass cleaner, there is no harm in preparing exclusive jewelry cleaning materials. This cleaning solution is indeed explicitly created to wash earrings, rings, and pendants that have looked dirty because of dust or oil sweat. So even for diamond earrings that have an intricate design, it is highly recommended to use this cleaning liquid.

Cleansing solutions for diamond earrings can be found in many jewelry stores, national and international craft shows, shopping centers, pharmacies, and department stores. The price varies, ranging from reasonably affordable tens of thousands, to not much more expensive hundreds of thousands.

Before buying, look for it immediately and explain what is printed on the back of the bottle or packaging. This is to ensure that the cleaning solution is safe or useless diamond earrings, and is certainly safe to wear with bare hands or not.

How do you clean diamond earrings using a jewelry cleaning solution? By pouring not a lot of jewelry cleaning solution into a bowl or container that is curved as a barrier to the solution, so it does not spill.

After that, soak the earrings into the solution for as long as possible overnight. After soaking long enough, rinse the earrings using warm water, then dry and polish using a lint-free cloth. But this matter must not be fully carried out accordingly, because it needs to have collaborated with the instructions contained in the cleaning package of diamond earrings. If there are additional techniques from the instruction, or the method is entirely different, it’s best to follow the instructions listed.

Use the Right Cloth and Brush

Cleaning tools need to be considered so that jewelry, especially diamond earrings, is not damaged after cleaning. Choose cleaning tools like cloth and a soft brush if touched. This is because rough cleaning tools want to threaten the resilience of jewelry, to the extent that the age of jewelry is getting shorter or faster damaged.

Look for a toothbrush that has soft hairs on the ends. Do not use wire brushes or other coarse bristle brushes, because if they are too rough, the element of the setting (where they bind diamonds to metal) can be easily damaged.

The easiest, choose a children’s toothbrush because on average it has been arranged in such a way that it is safe for the child’s teeth. So that creating a child’s toothbrush is so soft if used. However, that does not mean toothbrushes are pretty good for jewelry, especially diamond earrings. The abrasive properties of toothbrushes can threaten the resistance of diamond-supporting metals. Therefore, buy exclusive jewelry brushes. This tool can be found in many jewelry stores, both offline and online.

In addition to the exclusive brush of diamond earrings, other materials can be used, namely microfiber hand handles. These towels were created to be so soft that they lacked the chance for dilapidated diamond earrings. But this technique of cleaning using a brush or a soft towel doesn’t have to be done if the diamond earrings are so fragile. Just do a long soaking, to avoid removing diamond stones from the metal setting.

After knowing the techniques for washing jewelry using jewelry cleaning liquid and a towel or soft brush, now go into a review of how to clean the rings with home-made ingredients.

Clean the Diamond Earrings with Vodka

The trick, soak the diamond earrings inside the vodka which has been poured into shot glasses. Put the diamond earrings into the glass and let them soak for about one or two minutes. Lift the earrings and rinse with warm water. Dry and polish diamond earrings using a lint-free cloth.

Most importantly, you should not clean any jewelry around the sink or places with holes. This can create opportunities for the loss of jewelry, after all, earrings, because getting into the deep hole is getting bigger.

So, choose a flat surface for washing diamond earrings. Choose a table or floor that is not adjacent to the sink. Also use many places or containers like bowls, cups, or dipper so that earrings or jewelry are not scattered around so many places.

Wash Diamond Earrings with Soda Water

This method is more appropriate for creating more sparkling diamond stones after cleaning. So, soak diamond stones in soda water for about a night.

The trick, fill the glass with soda water, put the diamond stone into the glass, and let it sit overnight. After that, lift the diamond earrings and wipe with a soft cloth.

Wash Diamond Earrings with Ammonia

Many think that ammonia is classified as a hard chemical. However, ammonia is quite effective for washing diamonds from oil and dirt.

By mixing not much ammonia with a hot water basin. However, do not use hot water if there are different gemstones in the settings. This can damage the various gems, so only diamonds are in the ring settings. After immersing it in hot water mixed with ammonia, insert the diamond earrings into the other bowl. This bowl must contain warm, clean water.

After soaking in clean, warm water, add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to the bowl. Rub the diamond earrings using a soft-bristled toothbrush or an exclusive brush of jewelry. Rinse the earrings in warm water, wipe the water with a towel or soft cloth.

Tricks for Choosing Diamond Rings to Save the Cost of Your Marriage

Tricks for Choosing Diamond Rings – As a couple who is going to get married, surely we want to have the best wedding ring that fits our criteria. The diamond ring is the most favorite ring to be made into a wedding ring — impressed elegant, sparkling, beautiful, and prestige.

Choosing the best ring out there is probably the hardest decision you are going to be made. For every good diamond also comes with a good price. Owner of one of the biggest Poker Online Site in Asia – www.yukpokeronline.net – give us a few of his words regarding this matter. This company is selling service for Poker Online, Ceme Keliling, Capsa Susun, Bandar Ceme Online and many more.

Because of the high demand, of course, the price of this diamond ring is quite high and becomes among the valuable jewelry to be used as collections, especially for women. But in preparing for marriage, surely we have not a few different needs that need to be prepared and need a lot of prices.

There are 4 main things (4C) that assess the price of a diamond ring:

  1. Cut (slice) – the more accurate the slices and reflective patterns of the diamond, the more expensive it will be.
  2. Carat – the bigger the rust, the more expensive it is.
  3. Color (color) – the more clear and colorless, the more expensive.
  4. Clarity (clarity level) – the more clear / not disabled, the more expensive.

To help you get the best ring, it matches the criteria but still saves, as follows: 6 tricks from many world jewelry experts.

Buy a diamond ring but pay attention to the critical weight

Rust and diamond pieces are urgent in the process of choosing a diamond ring, not very for the bride. Jewelry sellers are often aware of this. Therefore, there is a considerable difference in price between rings with the format of intact diamonds and half pieces.

Rather than choosing a 1.00-carat ring, try to choose a diamond ring with a weight of 0.95 carats.

If you want a 2.00-carat diamond ring, then choose a 1.95-carat diamond ring. Jewelry manufacturers will often struggle to minimize critical lives a diamond. Because when the weight of a diamond can be reduced not much, they can market diamond rings at a more affordable price.

Plan Ring Purchases

There are no written rules, but from September to December, we will often receive not a few wedding invitations. The hotel hall or building will usually be chartered for the wedding each week.

You might assume that in those months the price of the ring will increase. Instead, the partner will usually purchase a wedding ring during the engagement period or 3-6 months before.

September to November, often sales of jewelry stores will want to be quiet. While February and the end of the year, ring sales volume will often increase because of plans to get married or get engaged.

Look for Diamonds with H / I Color and SI1 Clarity

As explained above that the color and level of clarity are urgent in assessing the price and quality of diamonds. The following is the scale of the diamond according to its color and clarity:

To find a diamond ring that is good in quality and price, try to find a combination of diamonds with H / I colors and the clarity level of SI1. Color has been classified as the best and almost colorless, while the level of clarity is also a bit of disability. The level of disability is barely visible to ordinary people and if not carefully watched with a magnifying glass.

Options: Choose Unusual Forms

Round diamond rings are the most popular diamond rings due to their beautiful reflections.

With the same carat, color, and clarity, the price of brilliant round rings can be higher than rings with other forms.

Besides, jewelry manufacturers also admitted that there were more obstacles to around brilliant than other formats. Round brilliant has 58 cuts to the extent that the reflected light becomes more beautiful.

With a large number of cuts, more and less rust is removed than other formats like boxes. Therefore, the price of round diamond rings is often much higher than in different forms.

Choose Gold

Yellow gold rings for young couples are felt like old fashioned. But at the usual price of yellow gold is much cheaper than the price of white gold, and the price of white gold is much less expensive than the price of platinum.

The price of platinum is more expensive than gold because there are far fewer mines than gold and are more durable.

Search That Is 14k Than 18K Gold

Gold that is very often used for jewelry is 18K gold and 14K gold. Besides, there is also 24K gold (pure gold). But this 24K gold is now rarely used as jewelry because the soft nature of gold makes it difficult to arrange if it is not mixed with other metals.

18K gold consists of 75% gold and 25% other metals, while 14K gold consists of 58.5% gold and 41.5% other metals. Indeed this 18K gold quality is shinier than 14K. But there is a considerable saving in one of the two. Life polished with rhodium plating. Voila! Your ring can be as good as new.

Other Tips: Search for Rings with GIA Certificates

Even though it saves money, make sure you buy the original diamond. Diamond rings and other indigenous jewelry can be among your assets.

To avoid fraud, buy a diamond ring with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificate, a professional laboratory that is relied on in the world to issue diamond certificates.

Buy Diamond Rings Online

Now almost all items are online, classified as wedding rings. Jewelry sellers at malls or shops often charge higher margins because they must meet the operational prices of the store.

In our own country, there have been many jewelry online stores with many offers like free shipping, money-back guarantees, 0% installments, and designing your ring.

The Wedding Ring is a Symbol, Not Everything

Although at the time of your marriage, you don’t have a ring that perfectly matches your criteria, you should not worry because the heart of marriage is not the ring but the commitment in marriage.

During the wedding period, for example during the wedding anniversary, you and your partner can renew your marriage commitment (including replacing your wedding ring).

So, it should not be up because a wedding ring then affects your happiness and your partner, especially if you have to owe to prepare a wedding and a wedding ring.

Some Choice of Titanium Necklace Accessories to Wear on Casino Game Tournament

Titanium Necklace Models – Titanium jewelry has many models of titanium necklaces that you can choose and use. The variety of shapes, designs, and models that jewelry has is the most. Whether it’s a ring, a necklace, or something else that has many interesting differences as well as the same charm. Then what kind of jewelry model and design do you want? Of course, the decision is in your own hands. Want what kind of jewelry, what kind, what basis, as long as you have a budget that matches the item you want, then that business won’t be a problem.

Jewelry is indeed identified with what is the basic material or the main material. If you call a necklace, it doesn’t close, we might remember the gold necklace, the titanium necklace, the white gold necklace and so on. Indeed jewelry is very closely related to the basic material. Because without the basic ingredients or the main material of precious metals, certainly not an item that has the name of jewelry will be formed. Yes, that is one of the techniques to utilize the natural wealth of this world, which is to make it as a basic material or main material for jewelry. When you talk about jewelry, rings are one of the jewelry that is fairly popular. But in this paper, you will not talk about that matter, but one type of jewelry that is equally popular among people who are not different and do not have the name of a titanium necklace. We know necklaces as jewelry that are worn on the neck elements. When compared with a ring, the necklace actually looks easier to look and also has a strong charm because of the location of its use.

Jewelry is also essential when you come to a classy party to protect your prestige. Not only that, sometimes with the high cost of jewelry that you use, it can make your opponent feel not dominant and one of the tricks to bully when playing poker. It can be seen in movie casino scenes when the player looks so flashy when he enters the casino to launch the action. Although nowadays people prefer to play it on a real online gambling site to feel the real adrenaline when playing cards against the dealer.

As I said earlier, a necklace is one type of jewelry worn on the neck, so there are not a few basic ingredients or main materials that are suitable for making necklaces, one of which is titanium metal. For those who have not understood further about this metal, they will certainly wonder what titanium really is. Naturally, if not a few people still do not understand and know what titanium is. Quoting from Wikipedia that titanium is a chemical part that has a symbol Ti in periodic and atomic number22. This element is a transition metal that is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant (resistant to aqua resin, chlorine and sea water) in white silvery. In 1791, titanium was discovered in Cornwall – the Kingdom of Great Britain by William Gregor. While the one who gave the name was Martin Heinrich Klaproth picked up from Greek mythology Titan. Yes, that’s not much introduction to titanium metal. I am sure that until here you already know about titanium metal.

Actually, the point is here, what is the proposition we can choose to wear a necklace made from or the main material of titanium? As we have said before, titanium is a metal that is light, strong, shiny, and resistant to corrosion or rust. Surely the affair can be more valuable or points that you can make as consideration of an item. If only titanium were metal with the same weight and strength as steel, it could be that you who use a titanium necklace would enjoy pain in the neck or other locations because the jewelry was too heavy. But you don’t need to be afraid that this will happen to jewelry made from or the main material of titanium. In addition, even though titanium necklaces have fairly affordable prices, they will not disappear as time goes by.

Then do you still need to assume again to choose or pick up titanium as the basic material or main material for your necklace? Furthermore, let’s peel about the option of a titanium necklace model. What are the necklaces created from titanium like? In order for buyers to be able to easily reflect the reflection of their wishes about a jewelry, the manufacturer will make not a bit of design and models of various titanium necklaces. Indeed, if we explore the images of titanium necklaces, perhaps the only ones that appear in the format that can be mentioned are very simple, in contrast to the necklaces made from other metals. But if we want jelly, actually not a few titanium jewelry vendors who offer titanium necklaces in a unique format and also funny. Like for example, a titanium necklace that has a heart design on the pendant. Some are shaped like dolphins which are put together. Just imagining it looks the sweetest, after all, if you use it. Hehehe. Even being lucky can get something that is quality at fairly affordable prices. So happy …

In addition to the model and design in a funny and unique format, there is still another format, namely the titanium necklace name. Ah, I am reminded of how half-dead I wished for a necklace with my name, or at least the initials of the letters. Next, to me, there must be no small amount of children or adults who expect a necklace with their names listed there. Well here it is, titanium necklaces can be the most appropriate choice. But it is necessary to know that the process of creating a necklace with a name will take a long time. So we can’t just come to the shop then the goods are available and just live.

Actually, there are still not a few titanium necklaces with many kinds and shapes. Being a very easy affair to grant if you have the willingness to have a titanium necklace, you only need to order a titanium necklace that matches the model expected at the jewelry store in question. Whether it’s a titanium necklace with a heart pendant, a dolphin, a different name or model. we are free to choose a titanium necklace like what you want. One important matter, you do not need to worry about the price, because it has been pronounced yes that the titanium necklace has an affordable price and it is very fitting if chosen as a substitute for a white gold necklace. However, if you are still anxious or doubtful about a titanium necklace, whether the quality is bad or not good enough, you can dig up sources on the internet or by visiting jewelry shops that market titanium jewelry directly.

That’s a brief description of what or how the formation of a titanium necklace. There is no harm if you choose titanium as the basic material option or the main material of your jewelry. With all its advantages titanium can be the right choice for you to have jewelry necklaces and the like. You also do not need to worry about the neck skin will itch because allergies to look at titanium do not cause such allergic reactions. If you are interested, just look for a jewelry store that sells it or at least find out where is a trusted location for you to order it. Hopefully, this brief description can help you understand more about titanium necklaces.

Know the Strengths and How to Take Care of Titanium Rings

How to Take Care of Titanium Rings – Have a collection of titanium rings? Here are many advantages and maintenance techniques so that your ring always has an attractive appearance.

In the past, ring jewelry was rarely used to guard culture, one of which was at an ancient Greek wedding reception that required couples to exchange rings. As time goes by, one does not have to wait until marriage to wear a ring, now the ring has become among the types of jewelry that are quite attractive to not a few people.

The ingredients are also very diverse, if in the history of ancient Greek society and ancient Egypt using branch twigs, now the rings are created with so many more unique and powerful metals.

For example silver rings, gold rings, palladium rings, and titanium rings. Now in this opportunity, we will invite you to negotiate a titanium ring through the advantages that exist to the technique of doing maintenance.

From times to times the titanium rings have an increasing interest. This is because the ring with the appearance of metallic silver has good durability; it can even adjust itself with many regia, aqua, chlorine, and even seawater destructive actions. Not even not many parties who write titanium rings have a stronger resistance compared to white iron or alloy rings.

Advantages of titanium rings

As we have mentioned above, the rings or different jewelry created by titanium have advantages in terms of durability. They can survive well even though they are in regia, aqua, chlorine, and seawater destructive substances.

Even this metal has the same strength as steel. You need to know that a titanium ring that has the same size as steel has a difference of up to 60%. So it’s a lighter size, but the undoubted strength of creating this type of ring is very popular with jewelry collectors.

Besides these titanium rings are very resistant to hot temperatures. This metal one can survive in situations of temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. Are you one of the people who likes to care for agate? Have you ever heard the term hair treatment? Well, having this one ring type is very useful to support your hobby on this one.

Not to mention its anti-corrosion properties where titanium is far better at having anti-corrosion properties than steel and aluminum. Of course, they will be much happier with this amount of excess.

How to do maintenance on titanium rings

Are you interested in having this one ring type? Or do you even have it at home? So that the ring that you have does not often appear attractive, knowing the maintenance technique is a necessary skill that you must have.

Then how is the technique of treating different rings or jewelry made from titanium? Is it hard to do?

Previously we stated that this ring has the best durability? That means in its use we can be a little more flexible. Unlike gold that wants to soften, this ring will be the strongest and most suitable even if used for daily activities.

There is no special technique that you must apply to this ring. Suppose it is dirty because there are stains, you only need to immediately clean it with the help of water or other cleaning fluid. Also, you can also use water mixed with lime.

But make sure that the titanium ring you have is original. Yes, this is among the things that you need to pay attention to so that the above advantages are indeed in the ring you bought.

Black Jade Jewelry That Has a Thousand Benefits for Health

Black Jade Has a Thousand Benefits for Health – This black jade is a legendary stone that has been proven and reliable in providing various types of properties for the body. In gemology, Black Jade is named as black nephrite jade. However, you need to know that some of these black jade sometimes don’t have names that match their original descriptions, including Jade Sumatra or Ace Jade, Chinese Jade Garut and Jade whose names are legendary.

Black jade stone is one type of jade that is not used a little for jewelry like stone rings, agate, pendants, and bracelets. Similar to other types of jade, black jade also serves to correct emotional instability. Therefore, jade is also called a health stone.

Among the benefits of black jade is that it can provide a cooling effect and provide a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Also, this stone can increase the body’s resistance to the extent that it can ward off disease. It can even be used as a talisman. Share more clearly what are the contents, uses, and features of this black jade stone for the wearer, see further below.

Privileges of Black Jade Stone From Other Types of Jade

This stone has a mineral formula that is in the pyroxene group. As found in different jade and black opal, this jade also has silica minerals. So it is not surprising if this black jade has benefits for the body.

Next, to the womb, this stone has a good hardness that is much denser and denser. Although hard and dense, if light and the light will penetrate the flashlight is older if compared with green jade and black oval.

The characteristics of the original black jade stone

If you want to buy this black jade, you must understand the characteristics that separate from the fake ones, namely:

  • If it’s overlooked, the black is solid and jet-black.
  • The native black jade stone colors do not change both indoors and outdoors.
  • The sparkle lasts long if the fake one will quickly fade.
  • Hold resistant and can scratch the glass surface.
  • Break the light when flashed.
  • The price is more expensive than fake or synthetic

The price of black jade stone in the market is cheaper compared to green jade or green jade, starting from the price of hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. This depends on the size of the stone and the quality. With the greater size and good quality, the price will be more expensive.

Indeed, the price is relative, because each region has its price. In Aceh for example, it can be cheaper to buy there compared to what we buy in Jakarta. This is because the area of Aceh is a place of jade. So even with Jakarta with other regions, there will certainly be differences in the price.

Benefits and Benefits of Black Jade Stone or Black Jade

As I mentioned above, this black jade has many benefits for the wearer. Among these uses, black jade stone can help increase body health. What are the uses of black jade for health?

Here are four uses for black jade for your health

  • Explaining Blood Circulation – Black jade can emit very pure negative ions that can normalize the heart rhythm. Not only that, the negative ion can stabilize the blood pressure which is useful for those of you who have hypertension. Black jade can also prevent blood clots from preventing heart disease, stroke, and triglyceride problems.
  • Avoid of Free Radicals – Black jade can help prevent free radicals that commonly attack the body. Therefore, this black jade can ward off vertigo-like diseases to cancer. This stone is also reliable by not a few people can prevent premature aging in the wearer.
  • Improving happiness – Not only prevent and cure disease, but it also turns out the efficacy of black jade stones can increase the wearer’s endorphins. So that happiness also increases, and stress also becomes avoided. Do you want to be happy sometimes ? you can try using this black jade stone.
  • Keep fertility – Black Jade is usually good for increasing immunity, but basically can increase our energy and increase the productivity and vitality of men. Also, it can help activate good cells in the body.

It’s spectacular indeed to use this black jade stone, but now perhaps asking, how do I find this native black jade and full of benefits?

Is It True That a Magnetic Bracelet Has a Health Function?

Magnetic Bracelet Has Health Function – Magnetic bracelet for health. Have you ever heard? The topic (or perhaps more precisely called the trend) has long been circulating in the community. But because I just heard again from one of my colleagues who happened to be his parents using this kind of accessory, I became to want to know with this thing.

Not only in the form of a bracelet, but an accessory that is considered to have not a few health functions can also be a necklace, ring to a watch. Because of this claim, it’s no wonder the price includes expensive starting from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Wow!

These accessories are generally created from titanium, ceramic, alloy (mixed metal and non-metal) or stainless steel materials that are magnetized. And the following magnets are claimed to provide many health benefits ranging from improving blood circulation, balancing the body’s metabolism, regulating the equilibrium of ions in the body, regulating body temperature, inhibiting aging, and reducing pain in the muscles, waist, shoulders, and head. Great right?

Among the websites that market this product it is even written that such products can wake up Chi energy in the body so that it can correct metabolism and increase endurance to cure many diseases. And as a cover so that people are interested in buying, apart from its main benefits for health, this product can also be a supporter of the wearer’s appearance to the point that it looks more stylish and stylish. “Want to be healthy while stylish? Use this magnetic bracelet!” That’s about the tagline.

Honestly, I cannot fully understand the relationship between magnetism and all the claims of efficacy that have been pronounced above. But I am sure the effect of placebo, aka suggestion, maybe a little less important here. Maybe magnetism influences the body, but if it has a direct effect on such a body, it doesn’t seem logical enough.

Even so, there have been not a few research journals that discuss the health benefits of these magnetic accessories. Is it true that these magnets have an influence on health and can even reduce to cure disease? But from all the journals that I read, there is no powerful scientific evidence to support these claims. And of course, these kinds of objects cannot be used as a substitute for conventional therapy in treating diseases.

Come to think of it, if these things are considered capable of caring for the health, reducing to cure diseases, they should have legalized for example Circular Permit Numbers (NIE). And to get NIE, it must first be through Pre-Market Control including safety, weight and efficacy studies. However, because this kind of object does not have scientific evidence related to these three urgent matters, this object cannot be categorized as a medical device (medicine) after all, medicine.

Based on information from Permenkes number 917 of 1993, drugs (finished) are alloys that are ready to be used to provoke or investigate physiologically or pathologically in the context of establishing the diagnosis, prevention, healing, recovery, health additions, and contraception.

Meanwhile, according to information from Minister of Health Regulation number 1190 of 2010 concerning Circular Permit for Medical Devices and Household Health Supplies, the definition of medical instruments is instruments, apparatus, machines and / or implants that do not contain drugs used to prevent, diagnose, cure and alleviate diseases, nurture people sickness, melting health in humans, and / or structuring and improving body benefits. And the Ministry of Health classifies this magnetized accessory into a group of non-medical devices.

Thus, because these magnetic accessories are not classified into the two groups, the legality and circulation are not specifically arranged. Therefore, all claims regarding health as the properties of this product cannot be considered valid.

However, the name for health care is not instant. Health requires effort and must be maintained continuously by consuming food and drinks with balanced nutrition, organized exercise and adequate sleep. It seems a shame if you have to issue money not a little for something that is considered beneficial for health, but even security, weight and benefits have not been scientifically proven.

Wear a Baby Necklace from Amber Stone Now a Trend Among Mothers

Wear a Baby Necklace from Amber Stone – There are not a few ways that mothers carry out to guard their baby’s health. One of the trends is to wear their children amber necklaces.

Wearing this amber necklace has been carried out by mothers in the western world since 2010. Mothers wear their children amber necklaces because they are believed to have health benefits.

The necklace is often worn on babies who are or are about to grow teeth. By using this necklace, it is believed that the pain or discomfort felt by the baby will decrease. How can?

This is because the stone created into the necklace isaltic amber derived from the sap of a pine tree that has become fossilized. This amber contains high succinic acid. The lighter and lighter the sap, the higher the focus of the substance. This succinic acid is often found in plants and animals. That succinic acid can help wear amber necklaces become healthier.

When used, amber granules will come into contact with the skin. When touching this, the wearer’s body heat creates an amber baltic gouging oil containing succinic acid, which is then absorbed by the body. When the body has absorbed it, it is beneficial as if ibuprofen or a pain reliever, just naturally. Scientifically, succinic acid is indeed often used in the healing world as an anti-inflammatory to reduce fever.

The benefits of the amber necklace described above create mothers who now wear a few of these accessories on their children. And this necklace is not only used by girls but also men.

The use of amber necklaces for children is increasingly being done by mothers in Indonesia, especially Instagram users after Indonesian celebrity children wear them. Many celebrities who wear their children amber necklaces include Tya Ariestya, Chelsea Olivia
Gisella Anastasia and Jessica Iskandar.

Even the amber necklace vendors on Instagram also use the hashtag by mentioning the names of Gisella and Gading Marten children, Gempita, in promoting their products with the hashtag #kalunggempi while all mothers in Indonesia who use Instagram are busy giving testimonials on the efficacy of this amber necklace with the hashtag #kalungamber #amberstone #ambernecklace.

Are you also among those who have sought the efficacy of amber necklaces on beloved hearts? You can search and buy it at the online shop on Instagram or you can also visit the official website. There are various types of models that they provide and you can choose which one is suitable for your little one.

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